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Barrage is a fintech and blockchain company, specialized in delivering unique, reliable, and personalized software solutions and bringing digital innovations to financial business.

We are a team of creative and talented individuals who build reliable, and UX oriented, custom-tailored software, high-efficiency data centers, and provide round the clock application and customer support.

Being a quality-oriented development company, we strive to adopt new technologies, maintain high standards of custom software engineering, and distributed ledger technology utilization. We also explore ways to leverage artificial intelligence and data science for constructing state of the art and digital platforms.

Barrage is dedicated to the continuous improvement of business by educating its employees and engaging the best human resources on the market to ensure a constant inflow of new knowledge and experience.

How we hire

We employ talented individuals at all levels and positions in the company, with the emphasis on putting people in the right places and in the roles that they will enjoy.

Our basic hiring process consists of the following steps: reviewing a resume, interview with a candidate, pre-employment testing, job offer, and notifying and thanking rest candidates who have participated.

How its like work at Barrage

We understand that the company is not the projects, tools, or revenue. Company is people, its employees, and if they are satisfied, the success will come. Our goal has always been to create a supportive environment where talented people are encouraged to be excellent at what they do.

Barrage has a team-friendly atmosphere in a modern industrial style decorated office with a corner, specially created for relaxation and socializing with colleagues. There is no formal dress code; we have seen it all, from slippers to high heels. It is only essential that you are comfortable and have some clothes on you.

We offer our employees opportunities for further education and certification as well as numerous benefits and opportunities for advancement.

We like to support our employee's sports activities! We believe that sports bring people together and create good emotions and memories; therefore, we are proud of our football and running teams.

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